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Electric Motion Motorcycles

What will your next E-Motion be?

EM Trial Models



Years of research, design and testing Electric Motion motorcycles lead to the evolution and production of our lightest and most economical trial bike in our product range with no loss in performance and efficiency. Equipped with same frame and dependable performance as our Sport edition the Lite is a perfect fit for leisure and rigorous riding challenges!



Each and every component on the Sport was developed with the focus on a high quality performance technology design. The current version is equipped with all the features you’d expect from a premium machine such as New Tech aluminium forks, R16V aluminium shock absorber, Xlite Michelin tires, new CNC clamps and new aluminium protector plate.



The Escape boasts the longest range of all our trial models. Developed for extreme use, the Escape is a nimble motorcycle with the torque and power that allows you overcome the toughest terrain and extreme obstacles. Now you can explore forests, reach peaks and regenerate down mountain, silently, with the Escape.



The ETrek is versatile as it comes with a traditional comfortable seat which adapts it well for legal street use. Perfect for use in the city or off road, its light weight at 95 kg is an amazing riding experience. Make it your first choice. Whether you’re riding in the heart of the city, or on your favorite trails, you will find the ETrek an amazing riding experience.

I love my EM! It’s what I can best describe as a, “beautiful toy, with serious capabilities”. The fact that I can just flick a switch and go, and not have to warm up, mix gas, smell exhaust, shut the engine down or stalling out; gives the bike a real toy like dimensions (Hassle free). The throttle control is perfect and enables me to handle slow going, much better then having to modulate RPMs and a clutch. And the power, it’s so smooth and track able! The power is instant torque, but the horse power ends where the throttle is positioned, and once the throttle is tapped out, same goes the horse power; which limits the bike when it comes to splatters (Not that I’m brave enough to do that). For hill climbs, it’s a breeze, with no gears to change all you have to do is concentrate on line choice, maintaining traction and enjoying the feat at hand.
Rich (All 5's) T
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