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What do EM owners think?

Everybody claims their products are the best, so please don't take our word for it. Read what our customers are saying about them.
I love my EM! It’s what I can best describe as a, “beautiful toy, with serious capabilities”. The fact that I can just flick a switch and go, and not have to warm up, mix gas, smell exhaust, shut the engine down or stalling out; gives the bike a real toy like dimentions (Hassel free). The throttle control is perfect and enables me to handle slow going, much better then having to modulate rpms and a clutch. And the power, it’s so smooth and track able! The power is instant torque, but the horse power ends where the throttle is positioned, and once the throttle is tapped out, same goes the horse power; which limits the bike when it comes to splatters (Not that I’m brave enough to do that). For hill climbs, it’s a breeze, with no gears to change all you have to do is concentrate on line choice, maintaining traction and enjoying the feat at hand.

Another really cool feature this bike comes with is a regeneration button. When scaling down a steep slope, you can put a little charge back in the battery. I’m not sure how much charge difference it makes, but what it does do, is make a maximum amount of back brake just before you lock out and you don’t have to use your foot. You can either push the regeneration button or pull in the clutch leaver all the way, to activate it.

I live outside of Vancouver B.C. so we have lots of hills and tight, tough and short single track, which leads to trials sections. My bike came with the competition battery, (which has 25% less charge time) and I find the battery out lasts me and the hard riding we do (about 4 hours worth).

The bike, out of the box, comes well equipped with bar ends and fork and swing arm protectors. The only thing you need to add, is brake away levers. I feel it’s very necessary, especially on the clutch side, do to the fact that it’s more then just a perch, it’s a switch. A switch that looks expensive and is probably not readily available; but if it broke, it wouldn’t leave you stranded, because you don’t actually need to use it. It’s an on off switch, which I still use, to keep the habit for when I ride my gas bike (if I ever will ride it again?). I will keep a gas bike for the times that require long trekking and higher speeds, but for trials riding alone, hands down, I’ll choose the EM.

The purchase experience was bitter sweet. Bitter, because I had to wait months for the steed; sweet, because Bob Billard really has a tireless, pleasant demeanor, and is there for you to answer questions or help you out, even well after I’ve made my purchase. Above and beyond the call off duty. ( he is actually packing a spare back fender along with him, to deliver to me, when he comes out to the coast for a vacation ). Thanks Bob, even though I hadn’t met you in person, I deem you a trusted friend.

Rich (All 5's) T
First of all thank you for great service and support purchasing my new EM 5.7

That bike is amazing.I got few years on enduro bikes but this electric bike make me a lot better rider than I expected.

With limited time due growing family I decided go for it and not regretting my decision to drop gas bike for this. There is no maintenance required except wash and grease chain.Battery capacity is outstanding and I never come to point while riding all day I need recharge.Fit and finish is spot on and most importantly my balance and bike control improved over few weeks on level I never dream of!!

Thank you again and keep doing what you do!!’

There is NO noticeable drop off in power even down to 20% on the battery, I try not to go below 20% much except to get back to base. Long climbs, it’s kinda weird. My Beta hits 45+mph to climb a widow maker hill and I need to downshift 2x to have the power to get to the top. The EM “feels” like I can’t get enough speed to make it up (only 35mph) but, then as you climb the power (torque) comes in like a ninja and this thing just pulls. If it begins to spin throttle back and it bites in again and trudges to the top. No shifting, it just goes. This makes it much more controllable, which is the point of trials.
David Lochow
I bought the EM 5.7 after quite a bit of research on electric motorcycles. There was very little (from owners) about this bike, the feel, power, practicability and range in the real world. I’m writing this to enlighten others about my findings…

I drove 250 miles to check this bike out, Big Check in hand if I liked it. Bob (EMCanada) showed me the settings, basically 25%,50%,75% and OMG! This bike was VERY easy to control. I was 80% sold… So I took a chance;)

Once home, it got better and better. It has a clutch, but it’s superfluous at my level. It CAN’T be stalled and it will crawl unbelievably slowly. Coupled with not using the clutch, my skill level seemed to increase 30% instantly. My confidence doubled, I’m trying obstacles that I probably shouldn’t yet(but cleaning them).

Even the downsides don’t seem so down. In 40 minutes you can re-charge to approximately 80% from 20%, problem is first 30 minutes of charge don’t change the charge meter much, maybe one bar. The next 10 minutes seems to bring the charge meter up five more bars. High-speed trekking seems to eat the battery, as well as long Hill-climb’s. We have a large Quarry we play in and the battery doesn’t seem to last enough to play three hours. My gas Beta can play 4 to 5 hours on less than a tankful in the quarry. I let an A rider try it… He wouldn’t give it back;) he rode the quarry for 2 hours straight… The battery was only on 10% when he gave it back…flashing yellow bar means “Head home NOW!” This brings me to the biggest problem with the bike. Everybody wants to try it and nobody wants to give it back.

The throttle control is fantastic. That Control translates to traction. You can dial down the throttle/power and the tire spins less, and just grips. The bike is balanced well, but seems a touch top heavy… I ride a Beta, so the EM steering seems limited to me, more like a GasGas. The Standard model DOESN’T have front fork adjustments… I recommend the sport model.

The only reason I didn’t buy the sport was I misunderstood(Canadian $ vs US $) the difference in price… I thought it was $1700 more, it’s not:( oops! I love the bike anyway.

We ride indoor winter trials…first week we rode for about three hours. When I got home I plug the EM into a 15 amp circuit and walked away, the circuit popped… So the next week we rode 3 more hours and the battery (not re-charged) at the end of the night was at 70%;) perfect for indoor riding… 5 people test rode it the 2nd night and ALL were loving it.

I have a Honda generator that I’ll use next year during trials events to Top off the battery IF NEEDED. I think it will not be necessary…

Wish list? … That I bought the sport model… And an extra battery (obnoxiously expensive) for trail/quarry riding…

9.5 outta 10, IMHO;)

Big Dave
Here in Australia we have a former Australian Champion riding one and he’s pretty darn impressive on it. He rides expert class on it and eats all but the biggest sections.

He was kind enough to give me a test ride on it last weekend. I was quite impressed with the power but the bike takes some getting used to. As stated above, the clutch is just an on-off switch and best left alone. The regen braking is applied using a button on the left handle bar. Normally there is very little engine braking. Power delivery is smooth but you can’t get that instant zap that you can get with a petrol engine and a clutch. You need to use your body to get up the big stuff (but riding a 300 Gasser makes one lazy so I can’t do it). I must say the power is a lot smoother and more controllable than the little Oset electric bikes.

As for endurance, the owner rides an all day trial (4 laps of 10 sections) and then does a few demos afterwards with about 15-20% power remaining so I think the advertised times are pretty conservative.

Chris, Brisbane Australia
My motorcycle riding background goes way back to the 70’s and was almost exclusively Motocross, with Trail Riding thrown in for fun & fitness. After a relatively successful Motocross career with many Provincial Titles from Junior through to Expert level and a Pro Canadian National #8 ranking back in 1980, Motocross was my #1 genre choice when it came to Motorcycle competition.

After leaving Motocross altogether for 6 straight years in 1981 due to injuries I came back in 1987 with a whole new resurgence. I have raced and ridden Motocross since 1987 right through to 2008 when while trying to defend my 2007 +50 Ontario Championship….I broke my back after coming up a wee bit short on the famous Walton Natural Double!

18 Months later I recovered enough to finally do something my all time MX hero 5 X World Champion Roger DeCoster had been saying since I was a teenager. If you want to develop good motorcycle riding skills then… Get a Trials Bike!

Well that I did, as I thought Trials will be perfect for me to ease my way back into riding.

Trials, simple, slow & easy, I naively thought… and boy did I learn fast how wrong I was!

Sure you can make Trials as simple as you like, but my competitive nature led me to study this craft by watching as many Trials videos of the pros as I could get my hands on. Wow, I thought…I could hurt myself just as easily trying to perform any of the numerous feats a good trials rider can demonstrate. Well with a #3 lumbar vertebrae that was already crushed in half and 30% of the front part no longer attached I thought I better take this slow & easy and that I did.

In 2009 I had invested in a top of the line GAS GAS 280 “Adam Raga Replica” and fell in love with this new form of riding where I could master my balancing skills and begin to try and learn what TRIALS was all about.

I got into Trials enough that I invested a bunch of money and trucked in over 15,000lbs of Limestone moss rocks & logs and began a landscaping endeavor that had the small village of my hometown Belfountain, Ontario all a buzz with gossip. What’s that crazy motorcycle guy up to now they were saying, but I kept all pretty quite while the work was being done.

Trials was my motivation for my new landscaping escapades…I wanted obstacles!

Well to make a long story short I’ve been riding Trials on my house property for nearly 5 years now and always with a bit of concern as to whether I was bothering the neighbors. After all a 2 stroke Trials bike is not totally silent and occasionally light clouds of bluish smoke would waft towards my neighbors but with all credit due to their tolerance…no one has ever complained.

Still though I always rode with that thought in my mind and as I clutched and shifted my way through my numerous obstacles I’ve developed over the years. I always had that nagging guilty feeling though. Many times I wondered, when would somebody develop an Electric Trials Bike that would work like my gas powered gem.

Well my dreams have finally come true with my recent purchase of the first ever Electric Motion 5.7 Pro Trials bike, the first one to arrive in Canada!

Let me just say that from my short period of time I`ve had the EM 5.7 I have been nothing short of amazed at its performance. Everything about the bike in relation to my gas powered bike is comparable from the handling characteristics to the brakes, suspension, weight, to ultimately its ride. With only a few rides under my belt, I knew I was in for a treat as I began to learn the slightly different techniques to mastering the delivery of the amazingly similar power to my traditional gas powered Trials machine.

The major difference between the two, was that with the EM 5.7 Pro, I no longer needed to use a clutch or shift any gears, it was all about balance, technique, and throttle control. In a very short time as my confidence grew I was cleaning sections perfectly that I knew were more difficult to do as smoothly on my traditional Trials Bike. Everything just seems to works as well and seemingly in most cases better.

The charging system for maintaining the Lithium Battery couldn’t be simpler…just plug the battery charger into any wall outlet and into the input on the top of the battery and 45 minutes later your good for about 4 hours of riding. I love it!

Now the most beneficial aspect to me personally is the sound or the literal lack of sound the bike makes while riding around my property. My first encounter with the neighbors occurred when I approached my friend Cathy who lives directly behind me and her comment was funny when she wanted to know what the heck I was on as when she saw me the first time she said…

“ I thought you were on a Bicycle…but I saw your legs were not moving“

Another neighbor Jim came over just the other evening (as I`m riding in the snow with studded Tires) and he had no idea I was on a new motorcycle and this was after 2 months of riding. Jim had just come outside to get some firewood and since it was at night he wondered who was out playing with what sounded to him like a remote radio controlled toy! When he walked down his long driveway to see what the un‐offensive noise was he couldn’t believe it being a motorcyclist himself and he was so impressed. If you can believe this he even offered up his own rather extensive property and said he had no issues with me making some trails in his wooded area that`s literally right across the street!

I felt like this has got to be a dream. No complaints and people offering up their own property for me to use to ride my motorcycle! That`s Crazy!

Needless to say I was over to Jims the very next day and gave him a chance to test ride the bike himself. Although it had been many years since Jim had ridden a dirt bike and was not used to the standing position he could tell this was one impressive machine. I told him a fact I`ve yet to mention here but the bike even came with a seat that bolts on with just two screws.

Another cool aspect of this Battery Powered Trials Bike is its 4 different power modes that you dial in with the turn of a knob or in the case of Trials mode a flick of a switch. Basically you have a beginner mode which cuts the power output way down, and then you have the Trek mode which is for trail riding and then Trials Mode with Level 1 for wet weather conditions and Level 2 for Full power. Brilliant!

The Primary drive I`m told is a belt that drives the shaft that moves the one of two supplied countershaft sprockets that uses a traditional motorcycle chain to the final drive rear sprocket. That’s about the most major mechanical part of the EM 5.7 besides the traditional hydraulic front & rear disc brakes. The latest Michelin LITES Trials Tires are stock on Wheels that look as good as the ones on my Raga replica and provide amazingly good traction. The foot pegs are wide and tough and the bars and controls are the same high level quality items. I’ve even added recently two tiny lithium battery powered Blackburn MTB Night Lights, one on each side of the nice crossbar pad and now night riding is a total option.

I will however stress that I am by no means a Pro Level Trials rider. So to report how this machine works performing Wall Splats or some of the other crazy tricks I`ll probably never do at this stage of my riding career, I can`t profess. I think all I need to say at this stage is let the results speak for themselves…The EM 5.7 in the hands of a Top Pro Trials Rider just recently in October 2014 wrapped up the #1 plate for the French National TRIALS Championships.

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is a first for an Electric powered vehicle to take a National Championship while competing directly against gas powered machines!

Now that’s impressive!

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